According to a 2013 Gallup pole, 52% of the workforce self-identifies as disengaged. I promise you, disengaged employees will leave their job or breed discontent among coworkers – it’s only a matter of time. By contrast, engaged employees will take ownership and strive for success pulling the company along with them.

Wherever your organization stands, employee disengagement must be addressed and is usually tied to four major contributors:

  1. Wrong fit in their current position
  2. Lack of purpose, meaning or connection to the company vision
  3. No perceived opportunities to grow or advance
  4. Lack of trust in management

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John Maxwell

All roads lead to the most obvious culprit – leadership. There are exceptions; however, most people don’t quit jobs, they quit people.  Here are some ideas to ponder in pursuit of becoming a more effective leader:

  1. Never let a poor man tell you how to get rich. Seek mentorship from trusted advisors in your network and business sector who have been there and can provide objective feedback and advice.
  2. If your employees don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. A clear organization does far more than identify the top dog and key business functions. It facilitates CLARITY of roles, fosters REAL communication, offers CLEAR opportunity to advance, empowers LEADERS to immerge, provides FREEDOM to work as a team and results in ACHIEVEMENT of company goals.
  3. Value the person, not human resources. People have families, dreams, and hopes for the future, unique passions and talents, and the need for clarity of purpose. Get them in the right seat and give them the keys. It is a recipe for turning B players into A players.

Change yourself. Commit to perspective outside your circle of influence and consider hiring a coach. If you do hire a coach, make sure he or she has the moxie to ask tough questions and help you uncover your blind spots while holding you accountable. Choosing a coach is less about their experience within your business sector, and more about the fit.