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Discover Purpose and Vision

You were uniquely created to lead your company, your family, and your life on purpose. Life planning from 44North provides a foundational step to lasting fulfillment leading in your high contribution zone.

Everyone has a unique life story and giftedness that accompanies a need for a clear purpose and vision. Using the two-day Paterson LifePlan guided process, you gain full perspective on your life, create a plan aimed at your vision, and put your plan into action. You will be equipped with the tools you need to manage and renew your plan going forward.

Life planning is ideal if you are ready to live on purpose for your company, family, and community. Live the life you were meant to live.

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Truth and Perspective

Where do I stand today? How did I get here?

Clarity of Purpose and Vision

Who am I? Where am I headed?

Alignment of Core Strategies

What do I need to do to get there?

I recently completed the “Lifeplan” process with Eric Coet. I think it was the most productive two day planning session that I’ve experienced. The approach of looking at all aspects of life: personal, family, business, spiritual, and community was really helpful. I came away with significant learnings and with a strategy on how to get to my goals over the next five years. Without the process, I would have kept doing what I was doing, only to keep getting what I was getting….

Lee Leachman, Partner, Leachman Cattle of Colorado

For Business Leaders

More than half of the workforce self-identifies as disengaged. Left unaddressed, disengaged employees will leave your company – it is only a matter of time. This problem is worth addressing and is usually tied to several major contributors:

  • Wrong fit in their current position

  • Lack of purpose, meaning, or connection to the organizational vision

  • Lack of opportunities to grow or advance

  • Lack of trust in management

Life planning can address each one of these reasons. By providing life planning for your leadership and employees, they become clear in their purpose, vision, and strategies to achieve their vision. We’ll help develop a company-specific career growth plan for the individual while keeping personal content confidential.

Life planning is a Win-Win-Win-Win proposition for the individual, their family, the company, and the community.