If you are anything like me, every now and again you are faced with life altering decisions. Marriage, Career or Job Change, Start a Business, Change Direction in a Business, Move or Build, Adoption, and the list goes on. Making big decisions is difficult and can be paralyzing, but it doesn’t have to be. I offer two certainties:

Certainty No. 1: Only you can make the decision; and

Certainty No. 2: You will live the consequences of that decision – good or bad

“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.” – Roy E. Disney

So how do we make the best decision with so much uncertainty? I won’t bore you with all of the cliché rules for making decisions because every person and situation is unique. I will say that you should know how to decide before you decide. Managing yourself through a process will save much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Take time to write down your own rules of engagement.

Here are mine:

  1. Is the decision biblically permissible and beneficial? If yes, proceed to No. 2
  2. Do I need to bet the farm or darn close to it? If no, proceed to No. 3
  3. Is this opportunity in alignment with my Life Perspective Filter: Core Values, Experience, Talents, Heart, Risk Tolerance, Thinking Wavelength, and Internal Wiring? If yes, proceed to No. 4
  4. Is there a clear exit strategy for best and worst case scenarios? If yes, proceed to No. 5
  5. And last but most important – Is my wife on board? If yes, I’m clear to proceed.

What are your rules of engagement for decision-making and why are they important to you?