44North | Find Your Way

Building a Business System that Works With or Without You

So often, businesses are built around the skills and abilities of their leaders. 44North business coaching helps business owners and their teams think differently and create a business system that works where the business itself is the product rather than a place to go to work everyday.  We help you get out of the way so that your company can thrive.

Using the EMyth Perspective, your coach will help you to expose your greatest frustrations and solve them. We help you discover where your business is today compared to your vision of where you want it to be. Within that gap, we help you find your way toward a true transformation.

As a certified member of the EMyth coaching network, 44North uses the most comprehensive library of business systems and processes available.  After assessing your business with you and understanding your most immediate needs, your coach will customize your program that gets you clear about where you are headed.

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As my coach, Eric helped me get much clearer on the purpose and values behind my business and then the vision for the next few years. Over several conversations he helped me understand what was really important to me in my professional life, which ended up being different from what I thought was important. As a result, I am able to start 2017 with a more focused sense of direction and an increased level of motivation. He has a great style. He’s down to earth, lets the conversation go where it needs to go rather than following a pre-determined process, is happy to share his own thoughts, opinions and experiences, and is challenging when he needs to be. My success with Eric comes as a result of him not letting me off the hook. I’d highly recommend him.

Paul Turnbull, Managing Director, JamesonTurnbull.com and CreativeAnimals.co.uk